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About Me!

A bit of background.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My mom encouraged me to join the elementary school choir and I never looked back. While I spent my childhood moving every few years, music and theatre were always where I found my community.

My love of singing led me to be in every school musical and choir possible, so it was no surprise that I decided to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre. 

I have a BA in Musical Theatre Performance from American University, and during my time studying also spent a semester studying at the British American Drama Academy in London (which I will talk about all day if you let me - I loved it!). I have professionally trained as a vocalist for 15+ years and have performed professionally since I was 14.

I have taught singing, music theory, and acting to people of all ages - from elementary school, to college students, to post grad. I'm really passionate about ensuring that the love of art is first priority, and that the skills add to that. I believe in constructive feedback. In addition, as a vocalist I strongly prioritize vocal health and have many practices designed specifically for that - you've probably heard of a warm up, but what about a warm down?

I have performed in theaters across the country, in Netflix series and films, and on cast recordings, and am excited to share my expertise with you!

Let's pick some materials you're excited about and get started!



American University | B.A. in Musical Theatre Performance, minor in Business and Entertainment

My degree is in Musical Theatre performance and involved vocal lessons, rigorous acting training, and dance. During my time, I also was the Teaching Assistant for both Music Theory and Acting Classes.


British American Drama Academy | London Theatre Program

The British American Drama Academy allows American students to work with some of the incredible artists in the London Theater scene. I attended classes specializing in Shakespeare, high comedy, and physical comedy, and both starred in and music directed our end of the semester show.

& Expertise

  • 15+ years of experience working with kids, including directing a summer camp for 8 years and directing theatrical performances for kids.

  • Professional Vocalist with 15+ years of training.

  • SAG-AFTRA Actor who has performed in a variety of productions.

  • Music Theory Expertise.

  • Music Composition experience

  • Songwriter

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